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This project is completed! Will Shade now has a gravestone, and hopefully some new recognition as well. You can visit the Events page to learn about the gravestone project, or the Resources page to learn more about his life.

– Arlo Leach, project organizer

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Arlo Leach

July 26, 2007

Ralph Peer (Jimmie Rodgers, Carter Family) was the producer for the early Memphis Jug Band recordings, and he sometimes listed Will Shade as co-producer in the studio logs. I have to think that was pretty unusual for a black musician in the 1920's, but Will Shade clearly earned the respect of both his black and white colleagues. (Source: http://www.mustrad.org.uk/reviews/memphis.htm)

Jacob Fishman

July 26, 2007

This is a terrific celebration for the recognition of our musical roots.

Andy Carlson

July 30, 2007

Nice site, and great idea! This video of Will Shade playing bass was floating around on a jugband email list.
It's pretty great!

Charley Lee (New Hokum Boys)

September 7, 2007

Great work, Arlo. Good luck with the effort.

Todd Kwait

September 17, 2007

I adore Will Shade. He was a true professional. His records are timeless. It is time that he is properly ackowledged. My thanks to Arlo Leach for all his work!

Bill Boslaugh

November 26, 2007

Will Shade has been an inspiration to Oregon's Federal Cigar Jug Band since 1967 and we're pleased to be able to contribute to this tribute.